Love You Give is a dynamic hip hop music video developed by and for Inuit, Métis and First Nation youth to prevent violence and promote healthy equal relationships. Hip hop music is often seen more as a contributor to youth violence than as a solution. But when fused with traditional Inuit, Métis and First Nation teachings and inspired by the hopes and fears of Aboriginal youth looking for ways to avoid getting caught up in the cycle of violence, the results are pure magic.

Love You Give brings together the talents of award-winning hip hop artists Lakota Jonez and Big Dro with the Minwaashin Lodge dance troupe. Informed by the voices of a hundred 7- to 19 year-olds, choreographed by Culture Shock Canada, filmed at the Museum of Civilization, and produced by Canterbury High School students under the supervision of teacher Steve Willcock and local production company, Reel Concepts, Love You Give is as emotionally moving as it is physically engaging.

Love You Give Lyrics

To all my beautiful young Aboriginal sisters
Lakota can’t forget you – ya’ll know I’m right here with you
I’m trying to show what’s to come before life hits you
Because before you know it, the woman right here is you.
All them decisions to make, so many problems to face, knowing the real
From the fake – how can you find your own place?
You find your friends to keep your secrets, always there to listen –
They can help you figure out what’s right and just what isn’t.
Cause showin’ love to someone ain’t hard to do –
Just knowin’ what it does for them and what it does for you.
People feelin for directions, all my sisters and brothers – we’re all a family
So we got to look out for each other.


You need Respect for yourself and for other people
Speak the Truth if you want others to believe you
Be Honest with your peers and it’ll keep it Equal
The more Love You Give
The better life you live

Be Brave enough to tell a friend if you’re scared
We’re all Human we can show each other that we Care
With the Wisdom of an Elder we can learn to Share
The more Love You Give
The better life you live

Come and holla at cha boy, if you’re with me then make noise
You can do what you wanna cuz, really it’s your choice
Now respect is a word for every boy and girl
And it’s for everybody that’s a part of this world
Like kids in class, sisters moms and dads, maybe even girlfriends
When they’re feelin sad
Cuz we all need some love when we need it, right?
And we all need a friend who can give advice,
Yeah so we keep around and treat’em good
So when times are hard they help us like a friend would,
With no questions asked, just a helpin’ hand,
Can you feel what I’m sayin, it’s a part of the plan.

Repeat Chorus

A relationship can start at any place at any time,
An open heart will always lead to an open mind
A teacher, an acquaintance, or your next door neighbour
Phone conversation – and who knows where it might take ya?
A new friend could be beside ya at this very moment;
If ya don’t take the chance to say hello, you’ll never know it
So instead of holdin onto words, just let em out –
That’s the only way to see what this world’s all about.
So many things to learn, so many friends to make –
People movin with a smile like e-ver-ry-day – hey
Let’s move along and keep the Circle strong
Move your body to the rythmn and the message of this song.

Repeat Chorus

Fact Sheets from the Love You Give Project

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Love, Doing It Right: A Manual

The lyrics to the chorus of Love You Give are based on the 7 Sacred Teachings of the Anishnabe: Respect, Honesty, Love, Humility, Bravery, Wisdom and Truth; and the Inuit core values of Caring, Sharing and Cooperation. The tips in this manual were provided by 100 Inuit, Métis and First Nation youth from the City of Ottawa.

Tip Sheet #1

Doing It Right Through Honesty “Be honest with your peers and it’ll keep it equal”: Warning Signs of Unhealthy Relationships

A healthy relationship is not possible with someone whose behaviour is unhealthy. Honesty means facing up to the situation, not denying it, excusing it or minimizing it. The following warning signs are red flags for unhealthy relationships.

  • Abusing substances such as alcohol or drugs.
  • Any kind of violence including threats.
  • Dishonesty.
  • Being mean or disrespectful by taking frustration or anger out on others instead of talking it out or asking for help.
  • Lack of intimacy.
  • Someone who is controlling, who wants to make decisions for you or do things against your will.
  • Being negative or critical all the time

If you or someone you know is showing signs of unhealthy behaviours, there are places and people who can help. Talk to a trusted Elder, school guidance counsellor, teacher or youth service in your community about how best to get help for yourself or a friend. The following websites are also helpful sources of information.

National Inuit Youth Council: (‘Coping Tips for Teens’)
Aboriginal Youth Network: (‘One Stop Wellness Station’)