Sex Trade Out Reach Mobile  

The STORM team is available to assist women involved in the sex trade.  The outreach team can assist women with immediate medical, safety and shelter needs. 

The STORM team provides:

  • Information and referral to community supports i.e. legal, medical and housing
  • Transportation to emergency shelter, medical facilities, detoxification unit and other locations deemed appropriate
  • Crisis intervention
  • Basic supplies i.e. hygiene products, clothing, and condoms
  • Information on health issues i.e. HIV/AIDS and STI’s
  • Snacks and clothing

For more information on our program and services or to speak to a team member, please contact: storm@minlodge.com or call 613-265-3606 or 613-265-7558.

Click here to watch the documentary Aboriginal Sex Trade: “Survival Sex” on Canadian Streets