Doing It Right Through Wisdom

“With the Wisdom of an Elder we can learn to share”


Top Twelve Tips for Keeping Relationships Healthy

  1. Everyone is sacred; show respect by how you treat yourself as well as how you treat others.
  2. Don’t just get mad and hold it all inside, take a break then talk it out.
  3. Apologize or have code words for forgiveness when you’re fighting.
  4. Do healthy things together: take walks, eat good food, play games and have fun.
  5. Pay attention: remember important dates like birthdays.
  6. Be trustworthy: no lying or cheating.
  7. Listen and give non-judgmental support.
  8. Make decisions together.
  9. Respect each other’s body and space: no touching unless the girl clearly says ‘Yes’ – No means No.
  10. Take time to get to know each other before you commit; don’t rush into relationships.
  11. Don’t rush into sex.
  12. Learn more about your culture